Transformed at Last
Transformed at Last

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SagaFrieza Saga
Original AirdateJune 19, 1991
Manga CounterpartUnknown
Previous EpisodePower of the Spirit
Next EpisodeExplosion of Anger

Transformed at Last is the twentieth episode of the Frieza and the ninety-fifth overall episode in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Tsui ni Henshin!! Densetsu no Supa Saiya-jin Son Goku". The episode first aired on June 19, 1991.

Summary Edit


Krillin is destroyed by Frieza

Frieza has survived, and he continues his vicious assault against Goku. A brave sacrifice from the lion hearted Piccolo saves Goku from

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan

certain destruction but has left himself on deaths door, and the next man on Frieza's hit list, Krillin, is blown to smithereens with a vicious attack. Krillin's death is too much for Goku to bear, causing a transformation unlike any he has experienced before. But what does the golden transformation mean, has the Legendary Super Saiyan emerged at last?


  • The Super Saiyan form makes it's first appearance.


  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frieza (50% final form)


  • As Goku and company reunites and celebrates their alleged victory, right before Frieza reappears, the water is blue, whereas Namekian water is green.
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